Bringing Judaism to Life

KS1 KS2 KS3 and KS4


 Assemblies, Starting Points, Stimulators, Drama, Music & Songs, Dancing, Food tasting & Cooking, Artefacts 

Experience and share in a Sabbath meal

Design and make Mezuzahs for your classroom

Learn to write Hebrew and make your own Scroll/Torah

Passover - Learn about it and then prepare and take part in a Seder together.

Drama and stories based on the Bible and Jewish festivals

Sample and make Jewish food - What does Kosher mean? - Family eating occasions (there are lots) Symbolic food

'The Chosen People' - stories and drama from Jewish history

Set up a synagogue in your classroom and make Scrolls/Torah/The Ark and make your own prayers

Celebrate the origins and history of Judaism and The Land of Israel through songs, dance and drama

Special times in a life including Birth, Barmitzvah, milestones, Death and experience their ceremonies

The Synagogue - the building, the usage, G-d and Torah. A trip to a synagogue can be incorporated with this.

The Joy of Judaism - a whole culture through persecution, humour and life. What is important to us.

Hebrew, a language - learn the Alphabet and write it.

The Holocaust.

Synagogue Visits.


Andrea is also able to incorporate these aspects into inset  for teacher training. 

Andrea is also available for private Hebrew tuition.

Please contact Andrea to discuss your needs. She will be happy to tailor workshops to fit your requirements, cost negotiable.